Solar Roofing System Installation

Using the latest technology, Golden Group Roofing Company flashes the sleek Decotech Solar Tiles right into the roof alongside regular roofing shingles, allowing you to generate energy from your roof.

Combine a new roof with solar efficiency

Up until now, homeowners were faced with choosing both a roofer and a solar installation company.  With two different products and installers, who guarantees the roof if there is an issue? Now Golden Group Roofing offers homeowners complete peace of mind with their investment by guaranteeing not just the roofing product (including the solar tiles), but the entire installation too.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Save money on electric bills for years to come. Massachusetts currently offers great rebates and incentives for homeowners switching to solar. Learn more about MA solar incentive programs

Help the environment with solar

This cutting edge technology is booming with Massachusetts homeowners looking for a sleek attractive roof while saving money and generating green renewable energy.

Solar Panels, Protected

Working with Golden Group Roofing, a GAF-certified roofer, to go solar means your new roof and its integrated solar have the option to be covered under the same industry-leading warranty.

Why choose GAF Decotech for your home’s solar?

1. The solar pays for the roof

GAF Energy solar can produce electricity at a lower cost than your utility company. The more you produce and use your own electricity, the less you purchase from the utility company. Over time, GAF Energy solar can even pay for itself AND your new roof, via monthly electric bill savings and government incentives.

You can also get credit for solar energy you send back to the grid when your panels produce more power than your home uses. This further increases your monthly savings. Click play on the video to the right to see how this works!

2. Power and precision

GAF designed Decotech solar to be direct-to-deck. Particularly as compared to rack-mounted solar, GAF roof-integrated solar has superior water-shedding qualities. And it’s installed by only GAF Master Elite contractors, including Golden Group Roofing.

Sleek, low-profile, and precision-built, this is a roof the neighbors will envy.

3. Local choice, global impact

Clean energy is the new paradigm.

Choosing solar for your home means contributing to the acceleration of renewable energy use. And that’s a great thing, for now and for generations to come.

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