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Needham, MA

needham roof repairs
needham roof repairs
needham roof repairs
needham roof repair

Services Provided: Roof Repair
Location: Needham, MA

The Challenge:

Our roofing team leader arrived to access a roof repair in Needham, MA. When we arrived at this beautiful property, the homeowner had mentioned that their ridge caps were blowing off, and they could notice the wood underneath. They believed that a roof replacement was needed.

The Meeting:

Upon our roofing consultant arriving, the inspection of the roof seemed to be a positive one. The roof appeared to be in a good condition over all, and a few years had gone by with the roof. However, the roof still had a few years left to reach replacement. The ridge caps needed some work, in order to make sure the peak of the roofing system was kept protected until replacement was due.

The Solution:

Our team of experts assessed the situation, and decided to provide a service to add support to the ridge. Golden Group Roofing Company provided the replacement of the ridge caps, ensuring proper nailing to prevent future shingle blow offs.

The Conclusion:

Oftentimes, roofing companies find themselves in ethical situations. Our team received a call to provide a full roof replacement proposal, however, with our professional assessment we concluded that a replacement was not needed for the home yet. The home was successfully serviced with a new ridge cap replacement.

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