Chimney flashing + leading repair


We take care of your home’s chimney flashing as well as your roof. When your roof leaks, the chimney is often the sore spot. But maybe it just needs a chimney flashing or re-leading repair.  We can help.

Got a leaking chimney?

We repair leaky chimneys to keep your home dry with chimney reflashing and releading.

Proper flashing around a chimney includes two layers: The first is called step flashing: Sections of L-shaped sheet metal are woven into the shingle courses and lapped up the side of the chimney. Next comes the counter-flashing: A second layer of metal is embedded in the chimney mortar joints and folded down to cover the top of the step flashing. The corners are especially vulnerable. We cut and bend the metal around the corner. Even in a quality installation, this leaves one small spot that should be sealed with a high-quality urethane caulk. This caulk can work itself loose over time. If the flashing looks to be in good condition, recaulking should take care of the problem.

Chimney flashing has 3 layers of protection:

In the Northeast, masons are partial to lead flashing, which is soft and easy to bend to shape. But no matter which material is used, it must be layered correctly if water is to be kept out. A chimney’s water defense system is made up of 3 layers:

Ice & Water Leak Barrier

The leak barrier is the first line of defense in making sure that the chimney and roof line are protected against all moisture, including snow and ice buildup.

Aluminum Step Flashing

Sections of L-shaped sheet metal are woven into the shingle courses and lapped up the side of the chimney. This ensures that the shingle course is watertight.


Lead Flashing

A 2nd layer of lead is embedded in the chimney mortar joints and folded down. The lead wraps around the corners & all joints are re-mortared.

Have you ever heard of chimney crickets?

We’re not talking about crickets, the insect…

When the chimney is at the bottom of a roof slope, we always install a cricket, a small diversion roof that prevents water from pounding the up-roof part of the chimney. We frame and sheathe crickets just like the rest of the roof, and then completely cover them with a modified bitumen membrane, which is folded up under the chimney flashing. We install asphalt shingles over the membrane to blend the cricket with the rest of the roof.

Because chimneys are such a potential trouble spot, inspect them once every year or two for loose or missing flashing and cracks in the masonry. Small cracks can be sealed with caulk designed to repair masonry. I also recommend that my customers waterproof their brick chimneys every few years with a silicone-based sealer. 

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